Superior Quality Worth It to Piedmont Well Covers

Superior Quality Worth It to Piedmont Well Covers

The Challenge
Pam Wainscott, owner of Piedmont Well Covers, was familiar with the problems that can arise with poor quality, cheap gel coats. Trash that clogged the spray guns, inconsistent color and other problems that cost time and money. That’s why her company has only dealt with one gel coat supplier during its 10-year history.

The Answer
Wainscott witnessed the quality of HK Research’s gel coats when working with another company and didn’t want to take a chance on using anything but the best. Spending a little more for quality gel coats makes a big difference, not just for Piedmont Well Covers but for the satisfaction of its customers too.

The Outcome
Because HK Research provides unmatched barrel-to-barrel consistency, Piedmont Well Covers never faces production obstacles or slow-downs due to the quality of its gel coats.

“We could go with a cheaper product, but we would not get the excellent service and superior quality that we get with HK. It’s just not worth it to use any other gel coat.”

–Pam Wainscott, Owner, Piedmont Well Covers


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