Pro-Line Boats Finds Accessible Partner

Pro-Line Boats Finds Accessible Partner

The Challenge
Because FRP products vary from factory to factory due to temperature, humidity, and the smallest of changes, suppliers must be attuned to individual needs. Pro-Line Boats was struggling with the bureaucracy at its supplier, which often took several days in responding to an issue or request.

The Answer
More than two years ago Pro-Line began using HK Research’s tooling and production gel coats. The first time a gel coat issue arose, Pro-Line’s Vice President of Manufacturing John Walker picked up the phone and HK President Dick Higgins was immediately available on the other end.

The Outcome
In addition to excellent customer service response times, Pro-Line Boats experiences better gloss retention and workability thanks to the high quality of HK Research’s gel coats.

“With HK Research I get to talk to the decision-makers and I get immediate results. With other companies, there’s a ton of bureaucracy and it takes several days to get a response.”

— John Walker, VP of Manufacturing, Pro-Line Boats


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