Premium gel coats tough enough for the marine industry. From the only manufacturer that specializes in gel coats.

Protect your products and keep your production line flowing with the most advanced, easily processable gel coats in the marine industry. HK Research sinks more resources into research and development, producing marine gel-coats time-proven to withstand the worst the sea and and the sun can throw at them, keeping your boats looking their best, performing at their peak and lasting longer, time after time, over time.

No other gel coat manufacturer has a deeper commitment to the marine industry.

HK Research’s high-quality marine gel coats are engineered to outlast anything the elements (or the production line) throw at it. Our fully automated facility produces the most advanced, consistently reproducible marine gel coats in the world with better protective qualities that look like new and last longer from barrel to barrel. They adapt easily to your production process, saving you time and money on every run. And should you ever encounter any problems, you’ll always get the expert solutions you need directly from a live technical specialist, not an automated phone system.We call this level of constant protection and performance, ”Processability.“ And that’s why, since 1980, more boat manufacturers than ever are calling HK Research. HK RESEARCH Expect More From Your Marine Gel Coats.

Revolution polymers

Polymer gel coat technology has changed very little in the 70 years since its introduction – until now.

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MetalFLEX Polymer

As the “flex” in it’s name implies, MetalFlesx is one of HK Research’s new Revolution series of flexible, re-engineered gel coat polymers.

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Reflex polymer

ReFlex is another one of HK Research’s flexible, re-engineered Revolution™ gel coat polymers.  The hallmark of ReFlex is its superior weathering and water resistance, at a competitive price point

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