Revolution® Polymers




Polymer gel coat technology has changed very little in the 70 years since its introduction — until now.Using a proprietary polymer grafting technique, HK Research has completely re-engineered the polymer’s molecular makeup:

  • Modified resin backbones
  • Grafted polymer chains
  • Controlled uniform molecular weights
  • Flexible cross-links
  • Ordered monomer grafting minimizes UV degradation
  • Maximized application characteristics
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Tight polymer network reduces water permeation

The result of all this molecular manipulation is Revolution — a truly unique, user-friendly, grafted polymer matrix with the ability to “flex” due to the changes in its molecular structure. This makes Revolution easy to apply and gives it unsurpassed water and UV resistance — all at a price that’s competitive with traditional gel coats. Revolution meets or exceeds all the requirements necessary to offer a superior polymer coating:

  • User-friendly application
  • Applied with traditional equipment
  • Easily repaired
  • Averages 6% tensile elongation
  • Reduces stress fracturing
  • Thermal crack resistance to -40 C

MetalFlexTM Polymers




As the “flex” in its names implies, MetalFlex is one of HK Research’s new Revolution series of flexible, re-engineered gel coat polymers. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, MetalFlex can have the brilliance of traditional bass boat metal flake or the subtlety of a soft pearl. However, unlike traditional gel coats, MetalFlex’s unique molecular structure gives it a depth of color that practically gives the boat a gleaming “aura” as it sits on the water. Along with its deep metallic glow, MetalFlex is easy to apply and offers the unsurpassed water and UV resistance that are characteristic of all Revolution gel coat polymers. 

Jade Gel CoatRed Gel Coat

ReFlexTM Polymers

Reflex Polymer





ReFlex is another one of HK Research’s flexible, re-engineered Revolution™ gel coat polymers. The hallmark of ReFlex is its superior weathering and water resistance at a competitive price point. Although it is available in a variety of colors, ReFlex is normally applied in its pure white form. Like all Revolution gel coat polymers, ReFlex is also easy to apply.