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Team Building at the Bass Master Classic

(Hickory, NC – March 22nd, 2024)

Team Building at the Bass Master Classic: A Unique Blend of Industry Engagement and Employee Appreciation

In an era when employee engagement and workplace satisfaction are more crucial than ever, innovative companies are finding unique ways to blend industry involvement with team-building activities. HK Research is one such company, leading in the gel coat manufacturing sector, and has taken this concept to new heights, proving that learning and team bonding can extend far beyond the confines of the office.

Last year, the company orchestrated an unforgettable field trip for its Hickory, NC, team to a prominent boat show. This event allowed the team to admire the exquisite boats made with their products and interact with industry experts, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their work. The success and positive feedback from this trip have paved the way for another exciting adventure in 2024.

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