HK Research Revolutionizes the Marine Industry with Vibrant and Lasting Color Gel Coats

High-end bass boat buyers demand performance and personalization. Equally important to being first to their fishing spot is the ability to customize their boats with the options and eyeappeal they desire, including dramatic color and shine. “It’s imperative,” according to Teresa Johnson, COO and co-founder of Phoenix Bass Boats, a premium manufacturer based in Winchester, Tennessee. “Our customers have high expectations. They are looking for perfection in the finish of a boat.”

This is the very reason that Phoenix sought out HK Research, America’s leading gel coat company, seven years ago. Today, HK’s extremely durable high-definition HD® Gel Coats are exclusively on Phoenix boats. Phoenix has high standards for every material used in each boat manufactured at its 75,000-square-foot facility in Tennessee. “The gel coat products in the boat should be as good as everything else about it,” Johnson explained. What does Phoenix appreciate about HK Research and its products? Greg Strahm, Phoenix’s director of engineering said, “It’s pretty much everything: their willingness to work with us on color matching, the product makeup, ease of application, the shine, the vibrant finish. If there is a technical issue, it’s a phone call and they are here immediately.” Our customer’s ability to choose a variety of color combinations when customizing their boat has proven to be a significant selling point for Phoenix, according to Johnson and Strahm. David Higgins, vice president of sales for HK Research, said, “10 years ago, if you looked at most of the boats being sold in the United States, they were white. They might have a small stripe of color on them. Now, white is almost like the striping. Colors are the huge draw.”

HK Research has been integral to helping manufacturers like Phoenix add durable and vibrant colors to their boat finishes. HK invested time with Phoenix to hone its application of the HD Gel Coats and was great to work with, according to Johnson and Strahm. “They’re good people to work with and they take care of us,” Strahm added. “Color gel coats can be difficult for manufacturers to apply. Through our innovation and technology, HK has developed very easy-to-use colors that also are high quality for longevity,” Higgins said. HK is highly focused on innovation and research. “Twenty-five percent of our employees work in our R & D laboratory, developing new and better products. HK is the only gel-coatspecific manufacturer and because of that, we innovate to set ourselves apart.”

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