Consistency a Must for Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators

Consistency a Must for Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators

The Challenge
As a manufacturer of automobile parts, Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators’ colors have to match vehicle paint jobs perfectly. As Bill Rhew’s business took off, he needed a gel coat provider that could keep up with his growing needs, while providing the kind of color consistency that his customers demand.

The Answer
Working together, Rhew and HK Research have developed a variety of different colored gel coats specially formulated for Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators. HK representatives visit the plant regularly and are available on the spot if there are any problems.

The Outcome
For more than 20 years, HK Research’s special formulation, consistency and superior customer service has helped Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators’ satisfy their demanding customers.

“They are some of the most knowledgeable people that I’ve ever dealt with, and I’ve dealt with a lot of them. HK makes some of the best gel coats I’ve ever used and that’s why I’ve been with them for so long.”

–Bill Rhew, President, Diversified Fiberglass Fabricators


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