Post-Cure Cracking Eliminated at Flats Cat Boats

Post-Cure Cracking Eliminated at Flats Cat Boats

The Challenge
The heat and humidity in Texas makes working with gel coats extra tough. Bill Allison of Flats Cat Boats knows the cost all too well. Once he had to rebuild eight boats at his own expense because of post-cure cracking.

The Answer
Several years ago HK Research formulated a custom-made solution that stands up to the difficult environment of Allison’s plant, and his personal expectations.

The Outcome
The change was immediate. The issues with volatility and cracking are long gone, and Allison wouldn’t consider any gel coat supplier other than HK.

“We only use the best products, and HK definitely has the best gel coats. And best of all, they stand behind their products 100%.”

— Bill Allison, Flat’s Cat Boats


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