One-On-One Attention Helps International Marble Excel

One-On-One Attention Helps International Marble Excel

The Challenge
International Marble Industries was experiencing air entrapment in the gel coats it used for its line of cultured marble products. Previous suppliers were unable to correct the problem. Air entrapment causes pitting and other cosmetic flaws in the finished surface.

The Answer
HK Research worked one-on-one with International Marble to develop a gel coat specific to its needs. With input from International Marble, the 1404 Series of Low-HAP NPG-ISO gel coats was born.

The Outcome
International Marble Industries no longer deals with air entrapment, and easily made the transition to HK’s low-HAP gel coats. Today, the two companies continue working together developing new products.

“We feel HK Research is the best at what they do, and that makes us even better at what we do. They have an excellent technical support team, and I appreciate the fact that Dick Higgins is only a phone call away.”

– Nathan Rivera, Operations Manager, International Marble Industries


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