Better Quality + Increased Production = Lower Emissions for Jacobs Manufacturing

Better Quality + Increased Production = Lower Emissions

The Challenge
Jacobs Manufacturing was facing two major problems with its gel coats. First, the pump houses and other fiberglass enclosures the company produces were simply not holding up to the typical 100% sun exposure they experience. There was chalking and fading, in most cases, within six months. Second, the lack of a usable low-HAP gel coat was putting pressure to limit emissions on other areas of production.

The Answer
Jacobs began using HK Research’s LHA series of FRP gel coats and noticed the difference immediately. Poor quality, bulky “extender fillers” are the reason gel coats chalk or fade when exposed to the elements. HK Research does not use fillers, therefore delivering a higher quality gel coat. HK is the recognized leader in low-HAPs, offering high quality gel coats with fewer environmentally harmful emissions.

The Outcome
Since switching to HK gel coats there is no visible fading, the exterior retains its luster and chalking is no longer a problem in Jacobs Manufacturing’s products. Additionally, they have been able to increase production by using HK’s low-HAP gel coats.

“In 2002, our production was up 12% over the year before but we actually lowered our emissions. In the last 20 years we have seen tremendous strides in the quality of finishes that are available. Gel coats really hadn’t kept up until HK Research came along.”

– Mike Jacobs, President of Jacobs Manufacturing


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