HK Research ReFlex Gel Coat Polymer Brings Pure Protection To The Marine Industry


HICKORY, NC — HK Research, America’s leading gel coat expert, brings the marine industry unmatched protection with its new ReFlexTM polymer gel coats. ReFlex is one of HK Research’s Revolution® series of gel coat polymers, which represents one of the biggest innovations in marine coatings in over 70 years.

“What makes ReFlex and all our Revolution polymers so different is their ability to ‘flex’ due to the elasticity in their molecular structure,” explained David Higgins, VP of Marketing and Sales, HK Research. “While providing outstanding in-shop application properties, the ReFlex Revolution polymer offers tremendous weathering properties and water resistance — all at a price competitive with traditional gel coats.”

Using a proprietary grafting technique, HK Research has completely re-engineered the polymer’s molecular makeup to produce its Revolution series of gel coats. Flexible molecular crosslinks enable ReFlex to resist cracking while under pressure while delivering outstanding water and UV resistance. And, like all HK products, Revolution gel coat polymers are specially engineered to deliver outstanding performance in the shop and in the field.

Although it is available in a variety of other colors, ReFlex is most often applied in its pure white form.

Based in Hickory, North Carolina, HK Research has the largest facility in North America designed exclusively for premium polymer coating manufacturing. HK Research’s fully automated facility produces the world’s most advanced, consistently reproducible coating products for marine, aerospace, transportation and pool and spa industries. Barrel to barrel, HK Research’s coatings deliver superior protection that lasts, maintains a new appearance longer, and adapts easily to the production process, saving time and money on every run.

For more information on HK Research or their products, visit their website or call (800) 334-5975.

David Higgins, VP – Sales and Marketing, HK Research
908 Old Lenoir Rd, P.O. Box 1809, Hickory, NC
(800) 334-5975 • (828) 328-1721