HK Research Makes Significant Investment in New Production Technology

April 2004
HK Research Corporation recently announced several major facilities improvements already under way. “We are updating our computer control capabilities as well as adding new mixing and production equipment in order to increase throughput efficiencies,” stated David Higgins, National Sales Manager.

Like most efforts to improve productivity, the principle of working smarter is the primary focus of these enhancements. “HK Research has built a solid reputation based on the consistency of our products, and state-of-the-art touch-screen computer control is the best way we can maintain and build that reputation. All functions of our automated equipment, such as formula transfer and production schedules, can be managed with even more precision than was possible with our relay logic-based system”, said Higgins.

Production capability will be enhanced with the addition of three new 50-drum mixing tanks. HK Research currently has the ability to manufacture well over 200,000,000 pounds of gel coat per year. These new additions will enable the company to produce about 500 drums (over 250,000 pounds) simultaneously.

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